The project

Our vision

In the last 30 years in Europe, the number of insects has declined by 80% and the number of birds by more than 30%. At the same time the amounts of nutrients in our food has been steadily declining. This is due to the growing use of pesticides and fertilizers by 'modern' agriculture, slowly depleting our countryside of life.

Origo was born to show that a different way of growing food was possible. We believe that growing food should have a positive impact on the environment. We want to prove that food that is grown consciously also is a lot tastier and healthier. 

Heirloom wheat varieties

We only use flours made out of heirloom wheat varieties which are full of healthy nutrients and easier to digest than modern conventional wheat. They have adapted for generations to the local soil and climate, so today farmers can grow them more easily without using pesticides and fertilizers. Our goal is to re-discover ancient varieties that are indigenous to Catalonia and the mediterranean region.